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Sailors Take Warning (Part 4 of 5)

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The Nimitz arrives on the equator and the ancient hazing rituals begin: A beauty contest is held, the jolly roger is hoisted on the flag staff, and throughout the ship Shellbacks begin thrashing the lowly pollywogs . . . and then all hell breaks loose. Continue reading

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Sailors Take Warning (Part 3 of 5)

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Working together, can crash investigator Shakley and NIS detective Keef, figure out who’s causing trouble aboard the USS Nimitz? Captain Brandt influences the investigation, while Captain Fox wants only to restart the ship’s cloaking system. Continue reading

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Sailors Take Warning (Part 2 of 5)

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Captain Fox is obsessed with making the Nimitz’s cloaking system a success, so he delegates authority over the crew to his executive officer, Captain Brandt. And Brandt wants to keep Captain Fox happy, so he coerces the ship’s medical officer to cover up the problems in the morgue. Continue reading

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Sailors Take Warning (Part 1 of 5)

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When alarms go off aboard the aircraft carrier Nimitz, corpsman Kate Conrad runs to the scene of accidents and injuries. But after 93 days at sea, Kate is suspicious about strange activities in the ship’s morgue, so she conducts her own gossipy investigation. Continue reading

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Hiroshima and Nagasaki 71 Years Ago

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Making Peace With Japan is a free Sea Story about three young sailors who meet anti-nuke protesters and friendly locals while visiting Sasebo, Japan aboard the USS Enterprise. Continue reading

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Protesters Greet USS Enterprise in Japan (Part I)

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A funny story about the time in 1983 when the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise arrived in Sasebo, Japan and anti-nuke protesters blocked the entrance to the harbor. Continue reading

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Subic Bay, Republic of the Philippines

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Marlow spends his free time in the ship’s library looking at books about the Philippines. Pictures of beaches and volcanoes make him daydream about taking an adventure when the ship drops anchor in Subic Bay. Continue reading

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USS Forrestal: The Day the Bombs Went Off

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Brendan stood paralyzed, unable to run away and unable to fight the fire. Somehow he’d grabbed a fire extinguisher but found himself helpless to use it. Continue reading

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Protesters Greet USS Enterprise in Japan (Part II)

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In this sea story, which is funny and mostly true, three sailors off the USS Enterprise go ashore in Sasebo, Japan where they encounter anti-nuclear protesters and friendly locals. Continue reading

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Fire Aboard the USS Enterprise, A Sea Story

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We steamed out of San Francisco and under the Golden Gate on our way to Hawaii. During our first night at sea a fire destroyed the Marine detachment’s living quarters. Continue reading

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