Sea Bottom Science Fiction

If you love gritty sea stories and grungy sci-fi, you’ll love LOW.

Review excerpts from around the web:


“I found myself reading all the dialogue first, and then letting my eyes go back over the pages slowly to take in everything. The sense of scale was never lost on me. The cities were huge yet ultimately finite. The oceans vast, dark, and foreboding, and full of unknown dangers.” Patrick Hester, Kirkus



“Greg Tocchini’s artwork has a different kind of style to it, which looks good when it comes to putting together some eye catching imagery or covers. The underwater scenes, sea creatures, and some of the futuristic technology looks amazing at points; the scene where Sel and Marik swim through the ocean is absolutely gorgeous. It’s a great combination of pencils and paint-like coloring.”  Jordan Richards, Adventures in Poor Taste



“Be warned, though: Low isn’t for the faint of heart. There’s a lot of sex, swearing and violence that may turn some readers away. Any who are willing to continue will continue until the final page and find themselves rewarded by a story that is much more that it first appears to be; a moral tale of how hope can prevail through even the darkest of times.” Alister Davison, Starburst



If you enjoy a good Sea Story,

these two salty tales are free on all eReaders:

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Barnes & Noble Nook, SmashwordsKobo.



Malcolm Torres is the author of many original sea stories.

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